Welcome to our home, where we live with our Saints of the Ozarks. We have beautiful quaility Saint Bernards here. From time to time we are proudly offer their Puppies for adoption. Please let me take a few minutes to tell you a little about us and our Saints. We are located outside the small town of Oldfield, Missouri 35 mile Southeast of Springfield, In the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We moved here from Lake Elsinore, California in April of 2006.
My husband Willis and I (Debbie) have had the pleasure of having Saints in our lives since 1975 when we rescued a year old big bear of a dog we later named Brandy. Our Daughter Billie Anne, grew up with Brandy at her side. We soon discovered there is no better family dog we could trust with our child (and later our 3 grandchildren), then these wonderful, loving gentle giants. Brandy was with us until she was 13 years old. To this day and always, she is and will be cherished in our hearts and memories.
Our second Saint, Saddie, was flown to us in 1990. My dad picked her out at a kennel near Joplin MO. She had our heart from the second we peeked into the crate and saw this little bundle of fur. She was our first giant breed puppy and was so smart. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. Unfortuatly Saddie wasn't very old when we found out she had health problems. We loved and treasured her but lost her at the age of 7.
Eight years later we decided to move to the midwest and bought a 10 acre hobby farm. and decided we wanted Saints in our lives again. After doing a lot of homework and research on their health and the importance of quaility lines, I purchased Molly. She was 5 months old at the time and had been kept back for show/ breeding. What a beauty she was. As beautiful as Brandy and Saddie were, the quaility of Molly was undeniable. . Six months later I purchased our baby boy Gunner and sweet Colleen . All three of these pups came with great pedigrees. July 21st, 2008 we found Mattie and purchased her from Rolling Thunder Saints, she is a beautiful, loving girl, and has been a wonderful addition to our home and family. Two of her brothers took their championships before thery were 1 year old. March of 2009 we brought home our new handsome baby Ryder. We purchased him from George and Carol Ghering at Swisstar Saints in Texas.They are an awesome couple with so much insight and great information anytime I need it. We spotted Ryder on the internet and then saw a picture of his dad, CH Rhine's Indigo Sky of Swisstar in the The Saint Fancier magazine winning his championship. He is our first shorthair saint and seems to much easier to keep clean.
When we had only 3 dogs, they stayed in the house with us, with 8 of them (6 saints a lasa and a golden mix) it is a bit much. So my husband Willis has built a fantastic dog house about 40'x 8'. It has windows ,a 9 light door, is very well insulated and heated and cooled to keep the Saints comfortable in harsh weather. Oh yes he even has soothing music playing 24/7. We are now able to rotate their comming in for brushing, extra attention and sleeping, knowing in or out, everyone in content.
Our dogs all have excellent bloodlines, they have produced outstanding puppies. We are committed to breeding and raising beautiful, quality and healthy puppies, with the best temperament possible. Our puppies are born in our home, and I am with them 24/7 the first 2 weeks of their lives. They are kept inside our home with us until their vaccination programs begin at 6 weeks of age. After their first shots and only under constant supervison they are introduced to thet big world out the back door. Then fun really begins for them as they get to explore grass, flowers, doggy doors, mud puddles or maybe even snow. At about 7 weeks old the babies are put in an area of the new dog house, that was specially built for them. This gives them much more room to play and romp.
The health and well being of our Dogs and pups is our number one priority. We take very special care to ensure our puppies are placed in homes where they are cared for and loved as a part of a family.

Thank you for checking out our dogs. Feel free to contact us for any help, questions or further information.


Molly Gunner & Colleen at play
Molly Gunner & Colleen at play